Someone asked me how I came up with my business name. They said “is it because you get what you put out?” I said, “Yes that’s true! I like that!”

I was born in Venice Beach CA; the Mecca of bodybuilding. Little did I know I would eventually become in love with the lifestyle of natural physique building and self improvement. After many years of struggling with food obsession which lead to an eating disorder at a young age, I was finally was able to find refuge in the gym and learn the correct way to work with the body; not against it. Over the years I’ve had a few amazing trainers (yes, trainers even need trainers) and began to immerse myself into fitness and learning more about nutrition and proper ways to build the physique. I have a true passion for fitness and helping others become their best selves and reach their goals! My main objective as a Personal Trainer is to help others feel empowered and learn to heal themselves through whole food nutrition, proper exercise form and confidence in the gym. My methods are holistic in nature and my training is not only of the body, but also mind and spirit! I will push you, but I promise you it will be worth it! You are worth it!





My clients meet one to four times a week for private training sessions at my gym in Denver, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness . I also offer group training and online programs for my remote clients. My facility in Denver is clean, offers lots of free parking and is never overly busy. RMFF truly offers much support and motivation and we have a true sense of community here. Through training with me, I will create an individualized periodization workout plan for you, this would change every 4-7 weeks so you don’t hit a plateau. This will also include nutritional counseling, weekly check-ins, meal prep ideas, meal prep recipes, body fat testing and one on one weekly hour sessions.
Make today the day you decide to change! I know I can help you on your fitness journey! I look forward to connecting.

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